Saturday, January 10, 2015


Lots of things have been changed within the setup you see here in this picture. Lots of misc items i am going to get rid of that you don't see, things that i have kept stored away for a few years and no longer need. Still hosting four commodore BBS's and One chat system on various computer hardware. The website is still going strong and plan on keeping it online for a real long time. DigitalDial ChatServer has gone through some changes as far as new sysOp commands and other features that consist of the control of unwanted bOts that attempt a connection. Hopefully as time passes i will eventually have even more room available and lesser things that won't clutter up or just sit around as i had it before. I'm getting older and makes no sense to keep any of it and would be better to pass them on to other humans of the same like and interest on retro computer and or software. Going to be working on some pictures and videos with a new nikon camera i purchased a couple of months ago and get into a new hobby of photography. So that's all of the news i have available here, more updates as time allows in the near not so distant future.