Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Diversi-Dial Forum - DDial!

Diversi-Dial Forum - DDial! Seems as if many of the Old SchOOlerz from way back when DDial was like "The American Idol" have since gone or past away. I can't even believe that I even host such a system 24hrs 7 days a week from my home residence, but yeah it's true! Looking back now I realize how relatively short and unique that era was, and how lucky I was to experience it, and how difficult it is to explain that to people who didn’t also experience it (“it’s a modeming thing, you wouldn’t understand”). It was at a brief but crucial juncture in our cultural history when technology was advanced enough to facilitate electronic communication but primitive enough to limit that communication in a way that kept it feeling “local” while inspiring in us a sense of ownership over the systems we used, not to mention an incentive for taking those connections offline and into the real world. I can still vividly recall getting kicked out of the mall by overzealous security guards on many occasions during BBS meets where I met some of my best friends for the first time (the details are a bit hazy but the contours of that precious memory remain).

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